Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yogic Power

The entire universe is operating in a very organized manner. The energy that is operating the universe is the basic energy from which all types of energies are derived. That energy is called the Pranic energy. The Pranic energy is keeping the universe and all its animate and inanimate objects "alive". All organic and inorganic cycles are operating based on this subtle energy. All living things are also operating using this subtle energy.

The real secret of using this Pranic energy rests in the Master who is empowering you with this energy through the discipline of Yoga. The Master must have the power to give you the ability to hold Pranic energy over and above the normal level that is needed to sustain life. Only then, will a person be able to utilize this excess Pranic energy to perform miraculous psychic feats like healing and protecting oneself. This power works in everyone regardless of race, religion or nationality. 

Writing Acticle Source from Rajayoga Power Transcendental Meditation Centre