Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yoga Posture: The Lateral Angle (Parsvakonasana)

Parsva means side or flank.  Kona is an angle.  This is the extended lateral angle pose.

In the final position, there should be a right angle between the thigh and the leg and the other knee should not bend.  Both the soles should be fully in contact with the ground.

This asana tones up the ankles, knees and thighs.  It corrects defects in the calves and thighs,  develops the chest and reduces fat around the waist and hips and relieves sciatic and arthritic pains.  It also increases peristaltic activity and aids elimination.  It expands the thorax, strengthens the thighs, prevents back pain, and stimulates the intestinal peristalsis.  It create strong bones, flexible joints, youthful posture, and better balance in daily life.

Note: Please perform the yoga under the guide of a certified yoga teacher especially for beginner. You are at your own risk and responsible if you perform on your own. Whatever provided here is just act as an information.

Source from The New Yoga for Healthy Aging by Suza Francina
                      Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar