Saturday, December 19, 2009

Focusing the Wayward Mind

Meditation is intended to help us order the confusion of the mind, not to stop us thinking altogether.  Most of us discover that the mind seems to be largely beyond our control.  It has never been trained to know what is expected of it; our education is largely devoted to teaching us facts, and has nothing to do with the mind itself and the potential that lies deep inside it.  The gradual training of the mind that occurs with regular meditation enables us to keep focused upon constructive thoughts, to abolish distractions and to progress on our meditative journey.

The mind has many ways of distracting our concentration.  It may begin with trivia, but when we refuse to let our mind wander it will go on to more preoccupying matters.  It will bring up happy or unpleasant memories, or remind us of pressing things we have to do.  Whatever the distraction, just let it go.

Source from Learn to Meditate by David Fontana