Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dinner at Botejyu

I have dinner with my boyfriend at Botejyu located at Liang Court on last Saturday 28th Nov.  It is my first time there.  Firstly, I have realised that Liang Court has changed alot from the last time I visit this place which was many years ago already.

I have order the Japanese rice cake with udon soup.  I love the udon.  I like the feel when I chew it.  It is very Q!  The curry udon is not bad too as my boyfriend has order it.

The best part is the dessert!  I'm a dessert person.  Any dessert that look good I will not give chance to miss it...:-)  Their dessert look very nice which make you don't have the heart to eat them!  They not only look nice but taste good as well!  I have order their ice cream.  Their ice cream is very different.  It doesn't look like an ice cream from the appearance.  And it doesn't taste too sweet.  Just nice..:-)

I have taken some pictures to share with all of you...:-)