Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Daily Breakfast

Breakfast is very important. If you want to skip any meal, never skip breakfast. Since breakfast is so important, it's best try to keep it healthy most of the time.

Some people complain that eating breakfast makes them feel hungrier and eat more later on. But studies have shown the opposite is true: breakfast eaters consume fewer calories and less fat throughout the rest of the day. If you are hungry again immediately after breakfast, it's probably a sign that you still haven't eaten enough.

Start the day with plenty of energy-rich food and choose a carbohydrate-rich, low-fat breakfast to get through a busy morning. It's worth getting up a little earlier and giving yourself time to wake up with a good breakfast, instead of waiting for hunger to strike mid-morning when the only handy options seem to be sugary doughnuts or chocolate. Healthy eating can taste good too.

If you do feel hungry between meals, snack on fresh fruit, bagels, pretzels or dried fruit and a few raw nuts. But remember dried fruit and nuts are high energy foods, so don't overdo them if you are trying to lose weight.

Interested to know what I have for breakfast? Above is my daily breakast I use to have almost everyday, especially on weekdays. Honey drink, mixed fruits and nuts. Above is my yesterday breakfast. They are honey drink, mixed fruits of apple, guava, cherries and longan, and raw nuts of walnut, almond, sunflower seeds and some raisins. I also take abit of high calcium and low fat milk too.

On the day where I have morning class to do, I will have some oatmeal too. I always wake up early to take my breakfast in order to give enough time for the foods to digest before I do my class.

On the day where I have no morning class to do, like yesterday and I'm on a good weekend mood, I might have something extra on top of my usual breakfast if there is something I crave for I can find in the kitchen.

I have this "piah" as extra for my breakfast yesterday. I would not consider this "piah" is a healthy food. Once a while is fine to pamper yourself. Doesn't mean you have to eat healthy therefore have to give up all your favourite sinful food! You don't have to give up at all. In fact if you have it just once a while you will enjoy it more at that moment!

But careful don't let your craving over take you. You have to keep your mind strong enough to keep it in control.

One of the way to remove your craving for unhealthy food is to find something to do in order to divert your mind to some where else. Another way is to think of the cause and effect. Example: let said you are concern about your body weight. So think of how much more extra fat and calories you will put on into your body after the unhealthy food which will help to turn you off from it.

May good health be always with all of you!