Saturday, June 13, 2009

3D Batam Kelong Trip

I have gone to a Batam Kelong on 7th Jun 09 for 3 days recently. This is my first time going to a Kelong. It's a different experience. This is a modern Kelong with aircon bedrooms and common western washrooms. It consider quite a clean Kelong and cosy place.

Total there are 12 of us in our group. We are all friends of friends. One thing good about this Kelong it does not mix our group with another group. In another words, we have the whole Kelong for ourselves! It's like an exclusive Kelong for us. Isn't it sound good?...:-)

When people talk about Kelong, will be thinking it's a fishing place only. I don't think only when you want to fish then go to Kelong. I'm not a fisherwoman. Fishing is not one of my interest sorry to say that. My purpose of going there is just to relax myself, to be closer to the nature and out of the city.

I would say that I enjoy this trip as it's really relaxing. I have no worry about the time. Doesn't bother at all. Reading my book there. As and when I feel like just look up and can see the seaview. Mainly just relaxing there! This suit my purpose there anywhere. Mainly just relax and feel the nature around me and do nothing! I can have alot of my time to read my book there which I enjoy doing where I can't really find much time to read when I'm in Singapore.

I would like to share some pictures of the Kelong over here. Enjoy!

This is the Jetty to the Kelong. It's about 10 min journey.

Reaching the Kelong.

The boat & the area where we alight.

Under view of the Kelong.

On the Kelong.

Part of the Kitchen area.

Part of the kitchen area.

Common area on the Kelong.

Common area on the Kelong.

On the Kelong.

Seaview from the Kelong.

Where is the fisherman??

On the Kelong.

Sunset & the Kelong.

Sunset view from the Kelong.

Sunset view from the Kelong.

Fishermen & the Sunset.

Full moon view from the Kelong.

Full moon view from the Kelong.

Kelong Kitty

I and the Kelong Kitty


Video of the Sunset & Kelong